Basic flow computer μFLOG4 (microFLOG4)


The microFLO (μFLO) series’ main board and Integrated Multivariable Transducer comprise a single unit. This “smaller” version with limited expansion capabilities is ideal for single-tube applications, but can accurately measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA, API and ISO standards.

The μFLOG4 is an extremely accurate, reliable flow computer with the capability to measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA, API and ISO standards. These units are also expandable to provide additional communications and IO options. Backward compatibility is always of concern and this unit provides that as well. The internal sensors and electronics are direct replacements for existing μFLOs. With low power, accuracy and system integrity built in, these devices are proven daily on thousands of sites. Totalflow products provide users the best opportunity for successful projects – site by site or system by system.

The μFLOG4 includes an Integrated high accuracy digital Muliti-Variable sensor (IMV) to measure both pressures and temperature. Two (2) versions of the sensor are available: one with differential pressure, static pressure and temperature for DP measurement applications, and one with static pressure and temperature for Linear measurement applications. The IMV is housed inside the flow computer enclosure and is characterized and calibrated at Totalflow’s factory. Multi-tube capability is available in each unit and is easily invoked with a few configuration changes and interface connection to external transducers, either digital or analog.



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